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Why oh Why

Around May/June it seems that there is a concert that make me miss going to All Hell Break Lose (for Supernatural), now B.A.P is coming to Sydney and Melbourne this May, which means I am missing this year All Hell Break Lose *teary eyes*. So I am seeing B.A.P on the 10th of May, which I am so happy about it, it means I cross them off of whom I want to see live! If only UKISS will come down (with AJ of cause) to do a live show!

Apart from B.A.P coming down to Australia, I can’t wait for Supanova, and I am waiting for more lineups, right now I am looking to buy autograph and photograph for John Barrowman and Stan Lee, which will cost me $270, not including the entry fee *cry*. If anymore people whom I like come down, I need to consider who to go for, if I saved enough money!!!