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Aaahh!!! I know I haven't post or done anything here since last year, but I've been working since June or July, don't know when but it's been a while, dislike waking up early for the bus and all but it's all good, though it's always keeping me sore at the end of the day.

Backstreet Boys - Aww, they are awesome live, I can't tell you how awesome they are live!!!!

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Anyways, gotta go and have a shower, just finished worked.

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Writer's Block: Chinese New Year
2008 is the Year of the Rat. Which animal year were you born in?
1984, Year of the Rat.....

Not that happy
Yesterday, I decide to get one of those portable extended hard drive, it seems that it don't like me, when I finally format it, it decide to get some errors so, I lost whatever I transfered on it, so I had to go through it again, not a happy day today, I got it working so far, hopefully nothing bad happen soonlucky the photos wasn't on it! Luck I have some black Cd laying around.

The Friday Five
01. What types of portable audio devices do you use?
I have an IPod Nano 3G and also my phone, which has the i GB of extended memory stick

02. What format of music do you listen to most often?

03. How do you get your electronic music files? (pay service [i.e Napster, iTunes, eMusic, etc.], file sharing, artist/label web sites, etc.)
File Sharing, CDs, artist web sites

04. What type of headphones do you use?
One of those earbuds one (which I lost one of my plastic cover thinyy)

05. What is currently on your portable music player that you are using? (Post artist, album title, please.)
I've got way too many, but most Backstreet Boys D2B (thai band) and Westlife

Crazy iPhone Lady

I came across this when I tried to look for something on the IPhone.

And I've brought my Backstreet Boys tickets!!!!!

New Years
Pictures form New Years, Emily, you own me big time, and thank for leaving me along in the city (not!!!), the fireworks are amazing though, hope everyone had a great one.

I've began watching LOTR again and was in search of the EE scene of it, I love the one with Eowyn and Faramir, and also one with Faramir and Pippin. I'm also reading the book again, don't know why.

IPod Nano
I  just brought the IPod Nano, and I promise I get it next Thursday, when I buy my sister her present.

I'm on holidays now, so so much on catching up with watching some movies (which I have a few that I still need to watch, so watching in my mom's room). And my parents are overseas, and I'm so bored, the house is so quiet (the up side is being able to play music while I need to wear an headphone at night).

Aww how cute
I cam a cross this, and I think it's so cute, I wish I had it (big Star Wars fan here).

Anyways, a couple of weeks left off Tafe.

(no subject)
What is something you collect? Why?
I collect books because I love reading, staffed toys because since my mom gave me my grey bear, I've been given/buy ever so lately (don't know why)

If you could make one ice cream flavor, what would the ingrediants be and what would be the name?
I don't know

What can't you go a day without?

Music or books for sure

What is your typical morning routine before work/school?
I get up, brush my teeth, get staff ready (e.g pack my bags and get dress).

What position do you sleep in? *back, right side, left side, stomch...ETC*
Side, depends if I fall asleep in front of the tv

(no subject)
Brought the new Backstreet Boys album, love it!!! Anyway, today is relaxing, don't know why but I decide to return home early - never happen on a Wednesday before this year, maybe it's the hot whether (also brought speaker for my PC)


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